Watts Towers

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Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park, Los Angeles, CA

The Towers comprise seventeen structures decorated with approximately 100,000 ornamental fragments. Rodia used a variety of material and objects for decorative purposes including approximately:

  • 11,000 pottery shards;
  • 10,000 seashells;
  • 6,000 pieces of colored glass; and
  • 15,000 glazed tiles

… He began his towers in 1921, working by himself on evenings, weekends and holidays for the next 34 years.

watts towers (20)

watts towers (16)

watts towers (1)

watts towers (4)


Photographed on July 4, 2012


5 responses to “Watts Towers

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  2. We have tiled several floors in our home and in our friends home. I also made garden sculptures out of brightly colored tiles but here in the Great Lakes area the winters are harsh on tiles. I would like to see the Watts Towers some day. Thanks for sharing.

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