A Speed Boat At Victoria Harbour

Photo Challenge’s Theme: Motion
Chủ Đề: Sự Chuyển Động

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

* A Note from the Challenger: “Capturing motion is a beautiful way to convey a story in a photograph, sometimes even more so than a photo of the same subject in a stationary pose… This week, share your photographs that have captured motion, and tell us the stories behind the images.

I photographed this speed boat while I was standing on the deck of Ms. Westerdam, a Holland America Cruise Ship. The ship was coming back from Alaska and was on her way to visit Victoria Harbour, B.C., Canada.

Chụp được ảnh của chiếc speed boat này trong lúc đang đứng trên boong tàu của chiếc Westerdam Cruise Ship. Chiếc tàu đưa hàng ngàn du khách đi thăm Alaska và trên đường ghé thăm cảng Victoria của Canada.

Photographed at Victoria Harbour, B.C., Canada on June 7, 2013

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