Phones and Computers

Photo Challenge’s Theme: Phones and Computers
Chủ Đề: Điện Thoại và Máy Điện Toán

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Phones and Computers

Public Telephone - My Collection

Public Telephone

I bought this telephone 15 years ago at Robinsons-May for $45. It is still working. 😛

My first Pager (1996)

Pager (Beeper)

Remember this device and the “caveman” days of text messaging? You could text message using the numbers if you knew the beeper codes such as 143 for “I love you” and read them upside down such as 07734 for “Hello” or 110611 11611 for “Ngủ Ngon” (Good Nite in Vietnamese)…

My Sony VAIO All-in-One

Sony VAIO All-in-One

This clear and silver 17 inches Sony VAIO all-in-one desktop computer is my favorite one. 😛

Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Just a simple cell phone: make calls and receive calls. I love it! 😛


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