Skagit River – Dòng Sông Skagit

Dòng sông Skagit bắt nguồn từ Bristish Columbia ở Canada, chảy xuống tiểu bang Washington và đổ ra biển ở Puget Sound, Seattle. Sông Skagit là một trong những nguồn cung cấp điện cho toàn thành phố Seattle và những vùng phụ cận của tiểu bang Washington.

The Skagit River is a river in southwestern British Columbia in Canada and northwestern Washington in the United States, approximately 150 mi (240 km) long. The river and its tributaries drain an area of 1.7 million acres (6900 km²) of the Cascade Range along the northern end of Puget Sound and flows into the sound. The Skagit River Hydroelectric Project is a series of dams with hydroelectric power-generating stations on the Skagit River in northern Washington State. The project is owned and operated by Seattle City Light to provide electric power for the City of Seattle and surrounding communities. In 2012, hydro-electric dams provided approximately 89.8 percent of the electricity used in Seattle (wikipedia).

Photographed on Aug. 23, 2014.

Photo Challenge’s Theme: Water
Chủ Đề: Nước

In response to Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special: Water

Skagit River, WA – Dòng Sông Skagit



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